About Us

Welcome to Odo Barrio, an award winning photography blog written and edited by self taught photographers.

We are all from Montreal in Canada, born and raised and have been running the blog since 2012.

We learnt photography ourselves from a stack of books and the internet – no expensive college degree or evening classes. While many of you may be thinking this isn’t the best way to learn and yes it was a steep learning curve, you have no idea when you get into photography that you are ever going to make a full time living out of it – it’s just a hobby.

Our biggest frustration when on our quest to master the art of photography was the lack of decent websites that were sharing and providing tips for both beginners and the more experienced for free.

As we became more experienced, learnt new things we decided to share that information (for free) and Odo Barrio was born.

We would like to thank all of our readers, many of whom have been here from the start and see the website grow into what you see today.

We would love it if you shot us a quick message with any recommendations or content you would particularly like to see published via our contact page.

Speak soon

Jake & Steve.