Photography Tips, Techniques And Simple Tricks

We live in the era of Social Media, in which photography comes into power, each day, more and more.

All of us are inspired to take photos in every step of our living. Having a high quality camera is not an issue anymore. People tend to invest in photography more than ever! Did you ever asked yourself how to take better photos?

If so, you are lucky!

Here are some tips that will make you successful in your photo-taking process…

Find your Motive

Before all, you have to know the motive of the photo, the purpose of taking it, what would you like to show and what is the message you wish to convey.
Use a clear background. This will highlight the subject of your photographing. It is important not to choose a distracting background, and it is recommended to discover the particular area that surrounds your subject.

Photography Tips, Techniques And Simple Tricks

Move Closer

If the subject is not big, then make few steps closer and try to zoom in. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t come too close, because it will make the photo unclear and blurry.

Choose the light

Undoubtedly, the most important part of a picture is the light. It should be neither under, nor overexposed to light. For example, if the light is too bright, it might show off the wrinkles of an older person, while a softer light could hide some of them. Play with the light and master the craft.

Keep the focus

Most important, you need to determine the subject in and not in the focus in order to make the picture sharper. There are, of course, auto-focus cameras which could ease your job and center the picture. For a clearer photo, you lock your focus with the subject in the middle, and then when you recompose the picture it makes the subject away from the middle.

Avoid camera shake

Hold your camera properly. In many cases, you can use your both hands. Also, do not forget to check the shutter speed that matches the focal length of the lens.
Forget about Flash indoors. It could make the photo look unnatural, especially the portraits, so do not experiment much with it.
Obey “The rule of thirds”This makes the picture more appealing and lovable, and at the same time more pleasing to the eye. Just imagine four lines, two horizontal going across the image, and two creating nine squares.


Photography is not only about a visual imagination and inspiration, but quite more than that! Discover the place where you are, and enjoy the beauties around, it will make you generate the story of the photo.

Don’t stop travelling

It is always of an importance to keep your albums alive. So, it is always beautiful to travel, and enrich your photography experience, even it a trip to the nearest place!

Avoid filters

For perfect results, avoid too many filters. Although filters might look perfectly and challenging in order to achieve different results in majority of the cases, it however reduces the amount of light which passes by.